IL Humanities Grant

Great News! Once again, MTPA is the fortunate recipient of a grant from IL Humanities!

This grant will cover the cost of a recent repair needed on the ADA lift, the gutters that were needed after the roof was replaced, and the annual insurance premium for the property. The grant will also help to pay our monthly utilities for the next several months.

Without this grant, we would not have been able to take care of these things without holding fundraisers and/or raising membership dues.

We are very grateful to IL Humanities!



Some major changes have taken place at the MTPA in Magnolia.
The severe storm of August 10, 2020, resulted in extensive damage to the roof. With the resource of our insurance and the generosity of members and friends as well as the grant from IL Humanities, we have been able to replace the roof and gutters.

Curator Peggy Smith, with the help of volunteers, has created exhibit areas around the building and on the lawn.